Starter Kit [Add-on]


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Starter Kit is a perfect start for students and beginners into the amazing world of robotics, electronics and programming.



Starter Kit contains a wide variety of basic electronics and mechanical components, which makes it very easy for students and beginners to get into the world of DIYing, electronics and robotics.

Unlimited projects and experiments: The set contains 325 components and a instruction book with 15 getting started projects, that will give wings to your child to make infinite innovations.Given below are few projects which you can start making with Starter kit:

  • Light Tracking Robot
  • Automatic Railway CrossingSystem
  • Alarm Clock and Timer
  • Piano with fruits
  • Smartphone controlled MobileRobot
  • Pick and Place Robot
  • Line Follower Robot
  • Obstacle Avoidance Robot
  • Automated Sling Shot and many more

Starter kit comes with a printed booklet covering over 15 projects made with evive in detail. Website covers detailed explanation of all the features, getting started with evive and all the software platforms and tutorials. Online tutorials and video content of starter kit will be available on our website.

evive is not included, but this kit can work with Arduino. evive can be purchased from this link.


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