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evive Starter Kit comes with evive and several basic electronics and mechanical components, which makes it very easy for students and beginners to get into the world of DIYing, electronics and robotics.

  • Starter Kit is a perfect start for kids into the amazing world of robotics, electronics and programming
  • Give your child the ultimate STEM education experience at home with lots of fun filled Do-It-Yourself activities
  • Unlimited projects and experiments: The set contains 325 components and a instruction book with 15 getting started projects, that will give wings to your child to make infinite innovations.
  • Online learning resources, videos, project hub and discussion forum aids students in learning and clearing their doubts with fellow students and trainers.
  • Experiment with science, play with circuits, run mobile robots with smartphone or make touch based piano. evive just helps to transform your kids ideas into reality
  • STEM and experimental learning prepares students for future job roles and nurtures them to build interest in specific topics for making better career choices


Looking for the right tool for your super-curious technology-enthusiast kid? Well, here’s the perfect platform to blend in his everyday life with Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics, using mechanical assemblies, electronics, algorithmic learning, programming, robotics, internet of things etc. With projects like smartphone controlled robot, interactive computer games, touch piano, pick and place robot, security system, alarm clock, light following robot, science experiments, pet feeder and much more, your kid ready for some real rocket-science. Let’s get started and transform their ideas to reality.

evive’s Starter Kit has been designed by a startup from IIT Kanpur, one of the most prestigious technology institutes of the country and has received appreciation by top authorities and corporations.

Kids playing with evive

evive’s Starter Kit contains a 100 page getting started book, which introduces kids to basic concepts of graphical programming in Scratch, electronics and mechanical assembly. It contains 15 fully guided project making instructions to dive into the world of innovation while leaving numerous ideas for the kid to tinker by themselves.

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Physical and Specs

  • Rated Input Voltage: 5-30V DC
  • Power Supply: 1.25V to (Vin -1), upto 28V, 2A
  • Display Size: 1.8” TFT (SPI Communication)
  • Micro-controller processor: ATmega 2560 (Arduino MEGA)
  • Software compatibility: Arduino IDE, Scratch, mBlock, MATLAB, LABVIEW, Python, Visuino, Processing
  • Touch Inputs: 12 pins (MPR121)
  • Breadboard: 170 points, 34 rails of 5 pins
  • Oscilloscope and Sensing: -30V to +30V and -3A to +3A, Upto 4KHz
  • Bluetooth Shield: Compatible with HC05, HC06, HM-10 and AT-09
  • Motor Driver: 1A dual channel, SN754410NE (New version of L293D)
  • Battery: 18650 type Samsung Li-ion 2600mAh, Upto 8 hours
  • Content: evive, USB Cable, Sensing probes, Screwdriver, Battery, 15 Jumper Dupont Cables (MM, MF, FF), STEM education and DIY Projects Book, Basic electronics (Switches (10), LEDs (40), resistors (60), capacitors), Sensors (11), Joystick (2),  Motors (2), Wheels(2), Servo (2) Mechanical Construction components (13), Fasteners (100), Bluetooth Module, Jumper Cables (60)
  • Weight of evive with starter kit: 1300gm
  • Dimension of evive:115mmX140mmX32mm
  • Weight with packaging: 1400gm
  • Dimension with packaging: 210mmX160mmX130mm

Some projects made with Starter Kit:

  • Glow a LED
  • Visualising Digital and Analog Signal
  • Learn Scratch programming and controlling a LED
  • Scratch game: Shoot the Bat
  • Scratch Game: Dodge
  • Touch based Piano
  • Turntable
  • Joystick controlled Robot
  • Smartphone controlled Robot
  • Line Following Robot
  • Obstacle Avoidance Robot
  • Pick and Place Robot
  • Balloon Popping Robot
  • Light Tracking Robot
  • Alarm Clock
  • Automatic Railway Crossing

General FAQ

  1. What is the minimum recommended age for usage to start learning and project making with evive?
    Though any child capable of using Scratch (a drag and drop programming interface designed by MIT Media Labs) can use it, we recommend it to be 10 Years+ with the starter kit
  2. What is the battery life once full charged?
    evive has inbuilt 2600mAh 3.7V Samsung Li-ion battery. Normally it runs for about 6-8 hours once fully charged, while it takes similar time for charging using a USB charger (mobile phone charger) or any other power source.
  3. How can I start learning robotics and electronics with evive?
    evive Starter kit comes with a ~100 page book through which young students can start learning electronics, programming and robotics very easily. evive has many inbuilt input-output modules like switches, TFT screen, and motor drivers etc. embedded in it, which takes away the burdens of complexity from your shoulder and allows faster and efficient learning. Our website has a very resourceful learning center (https://evive.cc/learn/), where you can find tutorials, example projects, discussion forums etc. to help you get started and keep learning.
  4. What is STEM education and why it is useful? How evive helps in that?
    STEM means science, technology, engineering and mathematics. All this multidisciplinary fields are linked together with experiential learning methodology to inculcate creativity, problem solving skills, logical reasoning, innovativeness, etc. evive starter kit is designed for teenagers to dirty their hands in making real life stuffs using Do-it-Yourself project book.
  5. How can users can ask doubts or discuss project ideas?
    You can share your queries and doubts with the evive community or developers on the discussion forum available at https://evive.cc/forums/. It is very new and just in its beginning phase, so each of your queries will get more of our attention. There are various topics available like evive features or kits and learning modules, others will be added as we progress further.
  6. How safe and robust is evive as kids and beginners end up making mistakes dangerous to them and the device?
    evive has overcurrent and reverse voltage protection at power input, so beginners who don’t understand about polarity would not damage the board. In most of the cases, evive temporarily switches itself off in case of short-circuit. Battery charging-discharging circuit has overcurrent, undervoltage protection to take care of the  Li-ion battery. We have put our best efforts to make evive safe for everyone, but in case anything happens, the insulated plastic covering will ensure safety of the user.


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