1. What are the courses offered?

  • STEM safari
  • Design code virtuoso
  • Go evive
  • Mission STEMians
  • Benchers hub.

2. What is your teaching methodology?

  • Online
  • Virtual
  • All future… all easy!

3. What is the basic requirement to attend class?

  • Just be interested to Explore. Also have a laptop and high speed internet.

4. What is recommended age criteria?

  • 10 and above. Anytime, anywhere, anyone.

5. Where should i start?

  • Demo > Registration > Payment > Startup

6. How many hours my child will get engaged with those activities in a month?

  • 12 Scheduled sessions to pick their points and a forever time to implement, play, learn and excel.

7. Can parents get involved in activities?

  • Yes! We invite the parents as well to our online sessions. Of course no age for knowledge.

8. Where the startup class will be held?

  • At your locality or our official place.

9. Will u visit our locality if we have clarifications or doubts during course?

  • YES!

10. Can I customize my course?

  • YES!

11. Do u have any scheduled online classes?

  • YES! Schedules will be always mailed along with the link to join the session.

1. Is the kit safe?

  • As you have us to guide you, chill with whatever you have!

2. If I have some trouble with course /kit what should I do?

  • Feel free to ring us at any time. At your place, at any time.

3. What is your warranty period for kit?

  • 18 months best use.

4. Will you give Spare items with kits?

  • NO. (requisition can be done)

1. Can I pay the payment in EMI?

  • YES. Contact us to know more.

2. Can 2 children explore with single payment?

  • YES! Opportunity to pool two in one.

3. Do u charge extra for Competitions & Carnivals?

  • NO. Say hurray!

4. If my child done with a course can he/she get upgrade to next level ? Is there any cost involved?

  • Pay just once and avail forever.

4. How is STEMians different from others?

  • For more details  Click Here

1. Where the workshops will be held?

  • At your city or at our office

2. what is YE club?

  • Network of young entrepreneurs, for you to get introduced to and inspired by.

3. What is the use of this course? Why should my child learn those at this age?

  • STEM system of Education is a Futuristic ladder to climb.

4. For any queries, what is the point of contacts?

  • Mail us at assist@stemians.in (or) call us at +91 95665 84067 Contact Us

5. How can i gauge/monitor my child’s performance?

  • In our Learning Management System (LMS) platform.

6. What is your product delivery time ? COD available?

  • Basic product delivery time might take 7-8 days. YES!

About Stem

STEM is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines — Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics — In an interdisciplinary and applied approach. Rather than teach the four disciplines as separate and discrete subjects, STEM integrates them into a cohesive learning paradigm based on real-world

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