Robotics with evive:

evive is a one-stop electronics prototyping platform for all age groups to help them learn, build, debug their robotics, embedded and other projects. With an Arduino Mega at it’s heart, evive offers a unique menu-based visual interface which removes the need to re-program the Arduino repeatedly. evive offers the world of IoT, with power supplies, sensory and actuators support in one small portable unit.

  • Intuitive and re-programmable menu based interface with built-in functions and capability to easily add multiple user defined programs.
  • Hasslefree hardware control – easily connect motors, servos, actuators, touch inputs etc. and control them directly from the menu interface.
  • An all-in-one prototyping laboratory catering to a wide range of your hobby needs – efficient learning, easy building and quick debugging.
  • Multiple easily integrable wireless communication options make evive a perfect choice for IoT and home automation projects.

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to Electronics & evive
  • Evive Firmware activity
  • Introduction to Robots , Motors
  • Introduction to programming
  • Introduction to sensors & its functionalities
  • Integrating Scratch & Evive
  • Programming robot to move Forward,Backward, Right and Left
  • Programming to sense object with Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Programming to sense object with IR Sensor
  • Programming touch sensor
  • Introduction to communication modes
  • Controlling robot with bluetooth & MB
  • Programming to use Joystick with Robot
  • Obstacle avoidance using Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Obstacle avoidance using Ultrasonic Sensor & IR Sensor
  • Color sensing Using IR Sensor
  • Balloon poper Robot using BT
  • Automated Railway Gate
  • Automated farming using Temperature & Humidity Sensors
  • Arduino Programming Introduction
  • Serial Communication
  • Maker Project by students
  • Introduction to IOT
  • Programming process for IOT
  • Automating any process by students

And More…


3D Designing & 3D Printing:

3D Designing is used in a variety of applications to make representations of physical objects on the computer. Students will experience hands on for making prototypes. A digital journey of creating an object is all about 3D designing and printing. STEM introduces advanced 3D printing techniques where students will explore possibilities in a variety of disciplines.

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to 3D Printing & 3D Printer
  • Introduction to 3D designing Software with different tools
  • Designing an 3D object with Extruding (Move) tool
  • 3D Designing of different objects with various tools
  • Introduction to Repititor/Cura software , G- Code Introduction
  • Slicing their 3D Designs with Rep/Cura software ,Generating G codes
  • 3D printing their designs & exploring Servo& extruder in the printer
  • 3D Designing their own model & printing the same
  • Integarted project design with Real time projects

And More…

Game Development:

With Scratch, as kids start creating simple programs, they develop their coding and problem-solving skills. With scratch kids easily learn programming without any previous programming knowledge. Scratch encourages creativity. Graphic content can be added and modified easily.

Topics Covered:

  • Control Statements
  • Sensing commands
  • Creating a game with Sensing
  • Datas & Variables
  • Creating Score card & timers
  • Introduction to blocks
  • Program to Draw
  • Creating a two player game
  • Final project by students

And More…


These include arithmetic operators (plus, minus, multiply, divide), as well as comparison operators (less than, equal to, greater than), logic operators (and, or, not), the concatenation operator (for joining strings together), and trigonometry (sine, cosine, tangent and so on). It is the way that computers execute through each line in a program.

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to Python
  • Turtle Programming
  • Drawing with turtle program
  • Operators ,logic, conditional statements
  • Arithmetic Programs
  • Students Project

And More…

Course Curriculum:

  • Introduction to Scratch , Sprites,Scripts
  • Programming Sprites to move using keys
  • Programming Sprites with X & Y Co-ordinates
  • Creating a small game using Keys , Co-ordinates ,Motions
  • If, Else concepts Programming
  • Mouse pointer & Edge bounce programming , Creating Score boards
  • Creating a animated two player game with score boards
  • Creating Maze starter ,Ping pong games
  • Integrating Scratch with evive
  • evive -Scratch Project

Session Plans

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