Kits and Learning Modules

Recommended for regular hobby usage.
Iot Kit
Recommended for Internet of Things (IoT) and wireless projects.
Ultimate Kit
Recommended for wireless projects and long range communication projects.
Starter Kit
The Starter Kit module is a perfect start into the world of robotics and electronics. Use the wide variety of sensors, displays, switches, actuators, connectors etc. provided inside to unleash your creativity. Make fire-alarms, security systems, dog-feeders, wall clocks, heartbeat analysers, interactive games and much more.
Robotic Arm Kit
The Robotic Arm module enables a multitude of possibilities- make your personal pick-and-place system or a sketching robot to draw your favourite cartoon character or make a candy sorter. Try to assemble the module yourself or take help of the instructions inside. Use evive's menu based interface to control your creation or program it to automate the task.
Home Automation Kit
The Home Automation module brings your home online. Connect upto five appliances to evive and control them over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Detect human motion, measure temperature, humidity, password protect your door lock, control lights, fans, TV, tweet highest temperature of the day and do whatever you can imagine of.
Modular Mobile Robot Kit
The Modular Mobile Robot module is a two wheeled differential drive kit enabling a multitude of possibilities- assemble it into a smartphone controlled RC robot, a line follower, a wall follower or an obstacle avoiding robot. Assemble it yourself or use the instructions inside.

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