Circuit Diagrams (Fritzing)

Fritzing diagram is a pictorial style of a circuit diagram. Conventionally people use symbols and wires to represent a component of a circuit. But for a beginner, it is difficult to understand any circuit and document his work properly in a conventional way. Fritzing makes the things easy. All the components have a realistic look which makes it very easy for beginners to understand.
Conventional Circuits
Fritzing Circuits

evive is available in Fritzing as a component, which makes documentation of projects with evive easy and time-saving.

Installing Fritzing
  1. Click here to visit the download page for fritzing (click here) and download the appropriate version of the software. In this tutorial, we are showing Windows installation.
  2. After your download is finished, extract the file to an appropriate location in your computer.
  3. In the folder, you can find Fritzing.exe application file. This is the file to run the software and you can create a shortcut to your desktop according to your need.
  4. Download evive fritzing file from here.
  5. After it is downloaded, open the file in fritzing and save it as “My Parts”.

Now you can make your own circuits with evive.

Schematic Diagram
Schematic Diagrams

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